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Self Pack Removals

What is Self Pack Removals?

Self pack removals is a cost effective way to transport your contents, such as house or business items frome one location to another either locally or interstate. 

The self pack removals procedure is simple:

  1. Choose the container size - The team at CBOX Containers will help you decide what size container is required for your removal needs, this is usually a 20ft or 40ft container. A 20ft container roughly stores a three bedroom house.
  2. Container gets delivered for loading - CBOX Containers will deliver the container at your location on a day and time that is convenient for you.
  3. You pack your goods - You pack your goods into the container at your own pace and you want it to be packed.
  4. CBOX Containers move the container - CBOX Containers picks the loaded container up and delivers to your new home or business either locally or interstate.
  5. You unpack your goods - You unpack your goods from the container at your own pace.
  6. Container is picked up - When you have finished with the container, CBOX Containers picks the container up. 


Benefits of Self Pack Removals

  • You can load and unload the container at your own pace
  • You can pack the container how you want it packed
  • You can keep the container for as long as you need it
  • Generally a cheaper removals option and hiring is cost effective
  • Containers are safe and secure
  • Containers are wind, water and vermin proof, meaning your items are safe from damage


For information on Self Pack Removals please contact us on 1800 433 455 or email us on 

If you are not yet sure of the kind of shipping container you would like to hire, take a look at our catalogue here or get in touch with us for more information.

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