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20ft Open Top Containers

The 20ft open top containers are containers that are used for specific purposes, in particular for the storage of goods that have to be loaded and unloaded from above with a crane. Because the containers have an open roof, it is easy to load and unload goods from the top.

The 20ft open top containers can be closed with a removable tarpaulin. There are also 20ft open top containers with a hard cover, these are called 20ft hard open top containers. The 20ft open top containers are available both new and used at CBOX Containers. 

Dimensions of a 20ft open top container

See the dimensions of the 20ft open top containers below:

Outside dimensions: (lxwxh) 6058 mm x 2438 mm x 2591 mm

Inner dimensions: (lxwxh) 5898 mm x 2352 mm x 2393 mm

Door opening: 2282 mm x 2338 mm

Rent or buy a 20ft open top container?

The 20ft open top containers can be rented from us, we can deliver the container from stock from one of our depots. When renting the container, we will deliver it on the desired date and collect the open top container from you as soon as it is no longer needed.

Of course we also sell 20ft open top containers, we can offer these both new and used.

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* These images are indicative.

20ft Hard Open Top container
L 6.06m x B 2.44m x H 2.59m

Service from CBOX Containers

CBOX Containers guarantees the best quality containers. With us it is possible to arrange your entire order online, you can do this in our webshop.

Are you looking for a different size open top container? We also offer these in 40ft. 

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