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Insulated Containers

An insulated container is perfect for long-term moisture-free storage of valuable goods. These insulated containers are often ex-refrigerated containers or also reefercontainers without motor. The reefer containers without an engine are called Thermal Insulated containers.


These containers are fitted with a double stainless steel wall insulation and are guaranteed to store your goods safely and wind and watertight. Condensation is not possible in this insulated container.

Because this container no longer has a motor, its opening is neatly concealed with a steel plate.
Do you want to have a storage container insulated? We can also arrange this for you. We will provide the container of your choice with sandwich panels to ensure that the temperature in the container remains the same. This is often done when the container is used, for example, as a lunchroom or garden house. It is therefore possible that we provide the container with a wicket door, a turn / tilt window and even a completely different color.

Additional Resources

If you’re not quite sure of your requirements and need a bit more information to choose a shipping container that fits your purposes, take a look at our extensive catalogue here.

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