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40ft Flatrack Containers

The flat rack container is available in 20ft and 40ft size. The flat rack container is used to store loads that do not fit in a standcontainer, this for example because the shapes do not fit between fixed walls. You can think of large machines or bulk goods.
The 40ft collapsible flat rack container has end walls that are collapsible on both sides, making this container easy to stack on location and making it ideal for shipping.

The 40ft flat rack container has no collapsible end walls.



* These images are indicative.

40ft Flatrack Collapsible container
L 12.19m x B 2.44m x H 2.59m

Dimensions of a 40ft flat rack container

The dimensions of 40ft flat rack containers are as follows:

External dimensions (L × W × H) 12192mm x 2438 x 2591 mm
Internal dimensions (L × W × H) 11980mm x 2230 mm x 1981 mm

Rent or buy a 40ft flat rack container?

Depending on your goal with the flat rack container you can choose to rent or buy. If it is a temporary solution, we advise you to rent the 40ft flat rack container from us.

Are you going to ship goods or do you need the 40ft flatrack container for a longer period of time? Then you can buy the container from us.

Service from CBOX Containers

With CBOX Containers you can always count on good ones service and the best quality. 

Do you want a storage container, offshore container or refrigerated container buy or rent? Then you've come to the right place!

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