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Container Certifications

"How do I get a CSC Certification for a Shipping Container?" is a question we at CBOX Containers get asked all the time. The CSC plate on shipping containers is a way for industry members and consumers alike, to ensure that their goods are safe during transport. The certifications also help protect against liability in case something goes wrong with the shipment- which can happen!

Does Your Container Need CSC Certification?

Shipping container csc certification is a process that helps to ensure the safety and quality of shipping containers. The certification involves inspections by trained professionals, who check for things like structural integrity and weatherproofing. Once a container has been certified, it can be used to ship goods all over the world. The csc certification process is important because it helps to protect both consumers and businesses from damage or loss due to container problems. By ensuring that containers are up to standards, businesses can avoid costly delays and disruptions. And by ensuring that consumers receive their goods in good condition, they can be confident that they're getting what they paid for. Ultimately, shipping container csc certification is an important part of the global supply chain, and it helps to keep

What Is CSC Certification for Shipping Containers?

CSC means ‘Container Safe Convention.’ The CSC standards were created by the International Convention for Safe Containers, which was formed in 1972 to help promote safety in the shipping industry by standardising factors such as strength requirements and testing procedures.

A CSC plate lists important features of the container, which essentially let people know the container is safe for use and is capable of withstanding the sometimes heavy stresses of shipping cargo cross-country and overseas.

A CSC safety plate will list the following information:The maximum gross weight

  • Allowable stacking weight
  • The racking test load
  • Where the container was approved for CSC certification
  • When the container was first manufactured




What if Your Shipping Container Doesn’t Have a CSC Plate?

If you plan to use your container to transport or international shipping then its important to have a valid csc plate on the container. If you are planning to use your container for domestic storage, then a csc plate is not really important aside from resale value. The csc plate is often removed for aesthetic purposes for domestic storage containers or modified shipping containers. 


We are happy to assist you in finding the right container for your situation and also certifying it if required. Please feel free to contact us on 1800 433 455 or

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