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Shipping Container For Storage

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CBOX Containers offers a cost-effective solution for all your storage needs - shipping containers. Our containers are made from high-quality materials and are suitable for a variety of storage applications. They can be delivered to any location in Australia and provide a secure and durable storage solution.


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8ft Storage container
L 2.44m x B 2.2m x H 2.26m
All prices are excl. GST

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* These images are indicative.

Advantages of Using Shipping Containers for Storage

Shipping containers offer many advantages as a storage solution, including:

  • Durability and strength
  • Weather-resistant and secure
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Cost-effective and flexible

Variety of Shipping Containers Available for Hire

CBOX Containers offers a variety of shipping containers for hire, including:

  • Standard shipping containers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Open-top containers
  • Flat-rack containers

Flexible Hire Options to Meet Your Needs

CBOX Containers offers flexible rental options to meet your storage needs. Choose from short or long-term rental options, and our team will work with you to find the best solution for your specific requirements.

Contact CBOX Containers for Your Shipping Container Storage Needs

Get started today and discover the benefits of using shipping containers for storage. Request a quote through our website or give us a call

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