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20ft Flatrack Containers

The 20ft flat rack container is often used for the storage of heavy loads, such as large machines and goods with shapes that do not fit within the fixed walls of a standard container to fit.

The 20ft flat rack container is also suitable for loading from the top or side.

A big advantage of the 20ft collapsible flat rack container is that it can be stacked.


Dimensions of a 20ft flat rack container

The 20ft flatrack container has the following dimensions:

Outer size (L × W × H) 6058mm x 2435mm x 2591mm
Inner size (L × W × H) 5570mm x 2210mm x 2210mm

Rent or buy a 20ft flat rack container?

Are you looking for a temporary solution to your storage problem? Then we recommend you every 20ft flat rack container to rent. Renting a container can be arranged quickly and easily online at CBOX Containers.

Of course you can also purchase the 20ft flat rack container from us, we can offer the container both new and used.

Service from CBOX Containers

At CBOX Containers you can always count on the best quality. We have a broad Product Range of containers in stock, so you have a wide choice of used and new containers. 

Looking for a different size flat rack container? We can also give you the 40ft flatrack container!

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