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Modification and Engineering

At CBOX, we do more than just supply containers. We also modify and customise the shipping containers to make them a perfect transport or storage solution for your needs! Our depots can transform 20ft, 40ft or mini shipping container into something that is ideal suited specifically towards you. From container workshops to container site offices, CBOX has the skills to guide you right through the process from design to delivery!

When your business is expanding in a hurry, and you need an instant worksite solution, you don’t want to muck around. So we have a huge range of pre-designed modified shipping containers ready to order. Our specialist team can design shipping container modifications, specifically to suit your requirements. Our team has a wealth of experience in creating customised shipping containers that meet your needs.

Examples of the modification work we do includes: windows, doors, ventiliation, power and lighting, aircon, workbenches, insulation, roller doors and shelving. Our design and engineering team can add a variety of functional features that assist with security, convenience, access, organisation, comfort, versatility and more. We can also paint your container any colour you want!

The options for your next shipping container modification are nearly limitless. Modifications available include site offices, switch rooms and accommodation containers as well! For those looking to add some flair with their design we also offer modifications such paints or graphics- just contact us today so that you can get started on creating the perfect space

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you any have questions regarding modifications.  

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