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Sales & Rentals

The choice to purchase or hire your next shipping container may present a challenge. How can you tell if hiring a shipping container will actually work better than buying a new or used container for you or your organization over the long term? Well, CBOX is here to help you by providing a bit of guidance on this crucial shipping container topic.

The absolute simplest and most concise answer that we can give you is to go with hiring a shipping container if you do not expect to use it for a particularly long period of time. Renting a storage container often results in much lower expenditures overall for short term uses as the upfront cost of the container itself never needs to be paid.

Reach out to our team here at CBOX today to learn more about our unique and convenient shipping container hiring options or keep reading to discover a few more advantages of renting a shipping container.

How traditional shipping container purchases work

The traditional shipping container industry leverages humongous shipping lines to move incredible amounts of cargo for both public and private proprietors. Businesses large and small work with these companies to send and receive goods all year round. When these businesses need to move items on a regular basis, they can choose to buy their own containers which are then transported by air or sea via established shipping lines. Colossal cargo ships and airplanes ferry these containers from place to place for a fee, but ownership of the container itself remains with the original purchaser.

Buying your own shipping container means paying the full purchase price for it either upfront or in a series of installments. Owing to recent developments in the global supply chain, major shipping companies have been able to ratchet up their rates much higher than usual and this has driven an attendant change in shipping container prices. Buying a container as an outsider to this large and complex industry typically involves working with a trusted partner or industry liaison. This partner can provide you with the type of guidance and assistance you will need to navigate the intricacies of the shipping container purchasing process. As a general rule, you should seek out an actual shipping container company to work with whether you are looking to hire a container or buy a new shipping container. Unlike container traders, shipping container companies can offer you both new and used shipping containers with verifiable usage histories and exacting quality standards.

What makes shipping containers so useful

Shipping containers are used for a multitude of purposes. As far as actual shipping goes, these containers allow businesses and individuals alike to transport goods of all kinds with relatively little risk of loss or damage. Shipping containers conform to a special ISO specification to ensure that they are capable of performing under a variety of common conditions during the transport process, all while under heavy load.

A sea-worthy shipping container is designed to resist shock, adverse weather conditions, stacking of multiple full containers on top of it and more without jeopardizing the cargo it contains. Of course, these unique strengths apply to many more uses besides simple transportation. You can place a shipping container in a single location to use it as a pop-up storage facility or move it periodically between destinations as your needs change. It will withstand most weather conditions with little difficulty and is relatively impregnable, especially if it is equipped with a lock box and an alarm system of some sort.

Outside of the more obvious transport and storage uses of a shipping container are unique use cases like localized living arrangements for remote operations and even low-cost installations for shops and eateries. Containers can be outfitted with shelves and tables to form a location independent workshop or converted into offices with windows, doors, desks and bathrooms. The possibilities and creative uses for shipping containers are seemingly limitless. Plus, the benefits these durable units offer are numerous.

Hiring a shipping container

Some of the world’s largest companies rent their shipping containers instead of purchasing them upfront. This allows them to leverage far more containers at once than they would otherwise be able to afford, while off-handing maintenance and upkeep concerns of all kinds to their providers. You can do the same for your own needs or those of your organization by working with a competent and trustworthy provider.

Here at CBOX, we make every effort to provide you with only the best shipping container options for your needs. Hiring a shipping container using our online shop is a super simple process, plus you can freely reach out to our team at any time for assistance. You can decide on the type of container you need as well as the general duration you intend to keep it for before having it delivered wherever you need it.

Benefits of hiring a shipping container vs buying

The major benefit of hiring a shipping container instead of buying one is fairly easy to see (much lower costs over the short term), but there are a few more benefits you should keep in mind before you commit to one option or the other.

Greater availability – Even though shipping containers are available for purchase most of the time, there is no guarantee that you will always be able to find the type of container you are looking for at a reasonable price. As mentioned above, unforeseen circumstances can cause the actual purchasing prices of shipping containers to skyrocket for extended periods of time, leaving you with few affordable options when you need them the most. By hiring a shipping container, you can often sidestep such limitations by leveraging units set aside for such arrangements.

Less commitments – Not only are hired shipping containers cheaper to purchase, they are also a lot more affordable when it comes to maintenance. Normally, your provider handles maintenance of shipping containers independently, allowing you to focus on the work you intended to do with them instead of patching them up and ensuring they are sea worthy.

Get in touch with us today for a quote for your next container rental requirement.

Rental options

CBOX Containers also provides several container leasing options to lessees under traditional short-term leases, long-term leases, finance leases and one way leases.

  • Short-term leases provide lessees with the ability to lease containers either for a fixed term of less than one year or without a fixed term on an as-needed basis, with flexible pick-up and drop-off of containers at depots worldwide.
  • Long-term leases cover a specified number of containers that will be on lease for a fixed period of time, usually 3 to 5 year terms. Long term lease customers have a single pick up point and multiple redelivery locations at the end of the lease term.
  • One way leases are single trip contract which are mainly used in the shipping industry, very flexible pick-up and drop-off of containers at depots worldwide.

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