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News and Blogs

26 May
Should You Buy or Hire a Shipping Container for Your Business?
A shipping container can be a hefty investment, especially once you add maintenance and storage costs to the equation. So it’s no surprise that many companies opt to hire rather than purchase their containers.  Hiring shipping containers offers many benefits, from reducing the initial o…
08 Mar
How to Order Containers Online
If you have been looking for a shipping container and are ready to place a purchase, you can now complete the process entirely online through our webshop. The ordering process is as simple as can be and we can have your shipping container delivered to you in no time. Ordering your shipping contain…

09 Feb
Guide to Renting Containers in Sydney
Renting a shipping container in Sydney can be a great way to keep your expenses low when you need plenty of safe space to store items during an extended project. However, if you have never hired a shipping container, it can be easy to make mistakes without a bit of help. We lay out the details of …
10 Jan
Need new office space during Covid-19? Give cabin containers a try
With continued upticks in Covid-19 case reports in Sydney and a sudden resurgence of emergency mandates, many have begun to consider permanently altering their work habits. Working from home has gone from a temporary fix to a permanent and profitable approach for a large number of businesses and i…

02 Jan
Everything You Need to Know About Moving Your Shipping Container
Moving a shipping container should be a fairly simple process. After all, shipping containers are designed to be moved around safely even when carrying enormous weights. However, for those new to the process, it may seem a bit daunting. This article will help you to understand how you can go about…
14 Oct
Shipping Container Dimensions
At CBOX, we offer a wide variety of shipping and storage container sizes to accommodate your needs. Every container type has its strengths and weaknesses as well as its own set of dimensions.