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8ft Container

The 8ft shipping container is a small, portable storage container to keep your equipment safe and dry. Due to its size, this container will fit in almost any garden or backyard.


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8ft Storage container
L 2.44m x B 2.2m x H 2.26m
All prices are excl. GST

What is the size of an 8ft storage container?

The 8ft storage container is the following size:

(LxWxH): 2.44m x 2.2m x 2.26m 

Rent or buy the 8ft shipping container?

We offer the 8ft shipping containers for both rent and sale. We recommend renting a 8ft shipping container if you need the container temporarily or want to leave the container as flexible as possible. Renting a 8ft shipping container is possible from $2.50 per day! Request a quote from us, we are happy to help you.

Do you want to buy a 8ft shipping container? We offer these new, but they are also available used, we often talk about a cargo worthy container, this means that it is still wind and waterproof and has a wooden floor.

What is the price of a 8ft shipping container?

The price of a 8ft shipping container depends on whether you rent or buy this container. Renting one 8ft shipping container is possible from $2.50 per day. 

If you want to buy the 8ft container, the price depends on the prices on the container market, these fluctuate and therefore these prices change weekly. 

Are you curious about the current price for the 8ft shipping container? Please contact us, call us on: 1800 433 455 or send us an email:

Additional Resources

If you’re not quite sure of your requirements and need a bit more information to choose a shipping container that fits your purposes, take a look at our extensive catalogue here.

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