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20ft Container

20ft shipping containers are the most standard size containers and are therefore the most rented and sold. The reason for this is that they can be transported well by land, but mainly also by sea.  20ft shipping containers are also used, for example, for storing household effects during a move or for storing building materials on construction sites.   

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Types of 20ft shipping containers

The 20ft shipping container is offered in many different types, below is a list of various types of 20ft shipping containers: 20ft Rent container 20ft Highcube container 20ft Reefer containers 20ft Insulated container 20ft Double Door container 20ft HC Double Door container 20ft Open Side container 20ft HC Open Side container 20ft Cabin container 20ft Open Top container 20ft Platform container 20ft HC Open Side DG container 20ft Collapsible Flatrack container 20ft Offshore DNV container   You can also discuss which type of container best suits your specific needs with one of our account managers. We are happy to advise you in making the right choice.  Rent or buy the 20ft shipping container? Whether you want to rent or buy a 20ft shipping container depends entirely on what purpose you have with the container. We rent a lot of shipping containers for storing household effects during renovations or removals, but they are also frequently used on construction sites or at companies that are short of indoor storage space and therefore place a container at the building. The advantage of renting a 20ft shipping container is that it is placed when you need it, but can also be picked up by us once this container is no longer needed.  If you want to buy a 20ft shipping container, we can offer you a lot of choice. We have both new and used containers and are guaranteed to offer wind and watertight containers. If you need transport for this, we can also provide this. The transport costs depend on the postcode at the delivery location. What is the price of a 20ft sea container? The price for a 20ft shipping container depends on the choice of rent or purchase. In our webshop you will find the most current container prices for both rental and sale. The purchase price of the 20ft shipping container fluctuates and depends on supply and demand on the container market.  What service can you expect from us? Thanks to our many years of worldwide experience in containers, we can provide you with the best advice and help you make the right choice. We have a wide range of containers, both new and used, which are in large stock at our various container depots. This makes it possible to deliver directly from stock.  

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