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40ft Container

40ft shipping containers are widely used for shipping goodsdue to quite a lot of things can be transported at the same time, for example, a car and a whole household contents. 

If you have the space the 40ft shipping container is perfect for dry storage. 



* These images are indicative.


* These images are indicative.

Types of 40ft shipping containers

The 40ft shipping container is available both new and used. 

The 40ft shipping containers come in different types:

  • 40ft HC Shipping container
  • 40 Foot Reefer Containers
  • 40ft HC Double Door container
  • 40ft Open Top shipping container
  • 40ft Collapsible Flat container


Rent or buy the 40ft shipping containers?

CBOX Containers offers the 40ft shipping container for both rental and sale. Are you looking for a temporary storage solution? Then it is a good idea to rent the 40ft shipping container! 

When you rent a container from us, you are assured of a wind and watertight container, which is placed at your location by our truck with crane. 40ft shipping containers can be rented flexibly, we invoice a minimum rental period of 30 days and the container will be picked up again when you let us know that the container is no longer in use.

Will the container be placed and put into use for a longer period of time? Then the 40ft shipping container can be purchased. Both new and used containers are wind and waterproof, so dry storage is guaranteed. 

Do you want more information about renting or buying a 40ft shipping container? Please contact us, we are happy to advise you in making an appropriate choice. 

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What is the price of a 40ft shipping container?

The price for a 40ft shipping container depends on whether you rent or buy it from us. You can rent a 40ft shipping container from $3 per day! If you want to buy the 40ft container, the price depends on the quality of the container. Are you curious about the current container price? Then view our 40ft containers in the webshop, we always show the most current container prices!

What service can you expect from us?

We can deliver the 40ft shipping container from stock.  Have you placed an order with us? Then you can continue to track your order online until it has been delivered to you! 

Would you like more information about our 40ft containers contact us on 1800 433 455. 

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