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40ft High Cube Reefer Containers

The 40ft reefer container is the largest of its kind. You can only find this type of container in the high cube variant. The 40ft high cube reefers are very popular, especially for shipments, because a lot of goods can be stored in them. 

Reefer containers are also called refrigerated containers or refrigerated / freezer containers. The temperature inside the reefer can be set between -25 degrees and +25 degrees. This makes them ideal for storing foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat products and drinks. These 40ft reefer containers are also used to preserve flowers, for example. 




* These images are indicative.

40ft HC Reefer container
L 12.19m x B 2.44m x H 2.89m

40ft Reefer specifications

The 40ft high cube reefer containers have stainless steel walls and an aluminum T-floor. This floor is not only good for catching any leaking liquids, but is also good for evenly and streamlined distribution of the air inside the container. The 40ft reefer is sealed airtight through the refrigerator / freezer doors. See below the technical specifications of the 40ft reefer containers:

380 / 460V
5-pin plug on land
4-pin plug at sea
50 / 60Hz
Connection: 32 Amp 
Temperature can be set flexibly from -25C to + 25C

Our 40ft high cube reefer containers comply with the ISOstandards.

Rent or buy a 40ft high cube reefer?

We offer the 40ft high cube reefer container for both rental  and sale. Whether you want to rent or purchase a reefer depends entirely on the purpose of the reefer. For example, if you are looking for temporary storage of your drinks during the event season, we recommend that you rent the 40ft reefer from us. We arrange transport and ensure that the reefer is delivered ready for use on the desired date. Have you finished using the reefer? Then we will simply come and collect it from you.

Are you looking for a storage solution for the longer term? Then the advice is to buy a 40ft high cube reefer from us. We can deliver these from stock and sell the 40ft reefer containers both new and used. The reefers used are in very good condition and well maintained, so they can last for a very long time. The price for purchasing the 40ft HC reefer depends on the year of manufacture and the brand of the engine. 

At CBOX Containers you always have a choice from a wide range of containers , which we can also deliver from stock! Because we have our own crane trucks, we are not dependent on the schedules of external transporters and we can deliver your 40ft reefer container (or another container) as flexible as possible. This makes it possible to have the container delivered within 48 hours. 

If you are still looking for a smaller size reefer container, we also offer the reefer containers in a 20ft size. 

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