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20ft Reefer Containers

The 20ft reefer container is also called a refrigerated container or refrigerated freezer container. The reefer containers are often used if you want to store goods that need to be kept at temperature. Our reefers meet the ISO standards.




* These images are indicative.

20ft reefer container specifications

The 20ft reefer container must be connected to a power current to be able to set the desired temperature inside the container. The reefer is connected to the ship with a 4-pin plug, on land this is done with a 5-pin plug.

The inner walls of the 20ft reefer container are made of stainless steel and the container is insulated. The container has an aluminum T-floor, where liquids can be collected more easily and can drain out of the container through an opening. This also means that the air inside the container is better circulated and evenly distributed. The container is sealed airtight by double refrigerator / freezer doors. 

Here is a summary of the technical specifications of a 20ft reefer container:

  • 380 / 460V
  • 5-pin plug on land
  • 4-pin plug at sea
  • 50 / 60Hz
  • Connection: 32 Amp 
  • Temperature can be set flexibly from -25C to + 25C
  • Consumption: 16 Amp
  • Data such as consumption may vary by model and engine make.


Rent or buy a 20ft reefer container?

At CBOX Containers it is possible to rent a 20ft reefer, but we also sell 20ft reefer containers. Depending on how long you want to use the reefer and the purpose, a choice can be made to rent or purchase a 20ft reefer. 

Are you looking for a reefer for an event, for example? Then we advise you to rent the 20ft reefer container from us. Renting a reefer is quickly arranged and we can deliver the 20ft reefer containers directly from stock! Before delivery, our reefers are motorically checked, cleaned and therefore ready for use immediately.

You can also buy 20ft reefer containers from us; we offer them both new and used. The reefers used are much more competitively priced in relation to the relatively more expensive new reefer containers. 

Used reefers can last a long time as long as they are properly maintained. When purchasing, we therefore recommend that you conclude a service contract with a reefer maintenance specialist. Then you are assured that your purchased reefer will last for a very long time. Our used reefers are motorically checked and inspected before delivery. The purchase price of a 20ft reefer depends on the year of construction and the type of engine. 

Service from CBOX Containers

At CBOX Containers you always have a choice from a wide range containers. Whether it is used or new containers, we can always deliver the best choice for you from stock. Because we have our own crane trucks, we are also flexible when it comes to delivering your container.

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