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Container Prices

When it comes to buying or renting a container, the price is dependent on the type of the container, the size and whether it is a new or a used container. Container prices depend entirely on supply and demand, making it difficult to secure the price you want when you want it. For this reason, prices can fluctuate and are regularly adjusted.


What are the prices of containers?

For a new storage container that has been shipped once, the price depends on the type and size of the container. Used containers are also an option, but quality may vary. The quality of a used container is assessed on its cosmetic appearance and the number of years it has been in use.

What are the prices for renting a container?

When you rent a container, you pay a daily rental rate and a number of fixed costs. At CBOX, we have a minimum rental period of 30 days. We deliver the container to your location and the transport price is based on your post code area. Once you are finished with your container, we pick it up. In addition to transport, we charge handling costs for collecting and removing the container.

 Shipping container prices are constantly in motion, making it much more complex for the layperson to find a suitable option than need be. In fact, due to a relative over abundance of shipping capacity and a sudden shortage of available containers in sea-worthy condition, many container providers’ prices can spike and dip in unexpected ways. Although the best providers are always transparent about costs, most are unable to offer consistently attractive prices year-round.

In recent years, changes in shipping capacity guidelines have caused large spikes in freight carrying rates. This phenomenon has brought about a widespread spike in prices for all kinds of items and materials, including shipping containers. However, additional factors have played into higher prices, including a worldwide shipping container shortage and a much more pronounced consumer push for ecommerce purchases. As more orders have been processed, more containers have gotten tied up in ports around the world and less are available to the public at this time.

Luckily, with the help of industry experts and companies with strong ties to the shipping container industry, people can still find the perfect shipping containers to meet their needs and budgets. CBOX is here to help you in this arena and ensure that you get the very best container you can, with minimal fuss.


What makes a shipping container cost more?

An average 40-foot shipping container with a high cube form factor could cost you as much as $10,000 AUD or as little as $6,000 AUD. The factors mentioned above play into this pretty strongly and can bring about dramatic swings in price over time. However, there are also qualities shipping containers of all kinds possess that influence their general price. Among these are age, size and unique features.



A container’s age can give you a good idea of its condition. Containers in active use are often subjected to temperature extremes, heavy loads and additional rigors inherent to the transport process. These factors can cause structural failure in even the best containers over time. However, age is not everything. In fact, a significantly older container could outperform a much newer one if it has seen little use over its lifespan or spent most of its time in dry storage within a stable environment.

Likewise, used shipping containers kept off of damp ground, away from heavy salt water exposure, painted to prevent the spread of rust and otherwise maintained regularly can outlast newer containers handled poorly.


Naturally, the larger your chosen shipping container is, the higher its price is likely to be. This is to be expected – after all, larger containers give you access to far more storage space. But, before you go for the largest container you can find, you should understand that smaller, 20 foot containers can handle fairly heavy cargo and are likely all you would need to transport the belongings kept in a small household. Larger, 40-foot container options offer space for more items, but they could be overkill for your immediate needs.

Knowing the exact amount of cargo you intend to pack into your shipping container can help you to decide on the perfect option to purchase or hire. If you are not entirely sure how many items you will need to load into your container, you can also reach out to our team here at CBOX for assistance. We can help you pick just the right size to suit both your budget and your belongings.



A standard shipping container in reasonable condition can command a decent price. However, if a container of the same size comes with collapsible sides, double doors, a removable top or some other unique features, it could be considered more valuable. Depending on your needs, it may make more sense to choose a shipping container with a flat rack form or even a container that has been converted to work as a functional cabin. The former could cost you less, while the latter will likely cost a bit more, but the advantages either of these pose for suitable uses would likely outweigh their price tags altogether.

Here at CBOX, we carry many different types of shipping containers that you can use in limitless ways. To learn more about the options available to you, reach out to our team at any time. Here is a bit more info on the many varieties of shipping container that are available:

Shipping Container Varieties

High cube shipping containers – These types of containers make it possible for more voluminous cargo to be stored in an otherwise standard container by adding a bit more height. There is an additional foot of height to a high cube container, making it nine and a half feet tall. This is often just right for those in need of space for an additional pallet of cargo to be carried.

Refrigerated (reefer) shipping containers – These shipping containers are designed to safely transport perishable cargo by keeping the temperature at a reasonable rate from departure to destination. This is accomplished through the use of a specialized refrigeration unit that is attached to the container and configured to maintain appropriate conditions.

Dangerous goods shipping containers – Containers intended for handling and transporting dangerous goods (chemicals, volatile materials and the like) offer a unique set of features, including special floor designs and shelving. These design considerations help reduce the risk of explosion or agitation of the materials stored within each container.

Should I buy or rent a shipping container?

Purchasing a shipping container – be it used or new – can be a daunting investment. Even used containers cost thousands of dollars to acquire and you may not know how useful your new container will be to you. In these cases, it could be a much better option to rent your next shipping container. This makes it possible for you to have it on hand when you want it and return it once it is no longer needed.

Here at CBOX, we also offer special leasing options that allow you to rent your chosen shipping container for a set period of time before claiming ownership of it. Take a look at our container hiring options to learn more about these and other offers.

Although renting can be especially advantageous, purchasing your next shipping container outright could be a better option if you know you will need it for a long time. For businesses with clear and carefully forecasted needs, buying new shipping containers to use for years to come is an excellent way to keep the transportation processes simple.

Service of CBOX Containers

Would you like more information about container prices? Please contact us, we are happy to help you. CBOX Containers has a wide range of containers to suit every need.

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Service of CBOX Containers

Would you like more information about container prices? Please contact us, we are happy to help you. 



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