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Container Prices

Prices for purchasing a container depend on the type of the container, the size and whether it is a new or a used container. Containers prices depend entirely on supply and demand. For this reason, prices can fluctuate and are regularly adjusted. 

What are the prices of containers?

A new storage container has been shipped once, the price of such a new container depends on the type and size. Used containers are also available, these come in different qualities. The quality is assessed on the cosmetic appearance of a container and the number of years it is. 

What are the prices for renting a container?

When you rent a container, you pay a daily rate. We have a minimum rental period of 30 days. We deliver the container to your location, the transport price is based on your post code area. Once you are finished with the rental of the container, we be pick the container up. We charge handling costs for collecting and removing the container from the depot. These are 'fixed' prices for renting a container. 


Service of CBOX Containers

Would you like more information about container prices? Please contact us, we are happy to help you. CBOX Containers has a wide range of containers. 



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