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Why shipping containers are fantastic for festivals

Did you know shipping containers are used at events and festivals around the world?

These large steel boxes can be used for much more than just transporting goods and equipment. 

Australian's love a good festival and have an annual calendar filled them. From popular music festivals such as Splendor in the Grass, Falls Festival, and Golden Plains, to film, arts and culture festivals.

Shipping containers are in no way a new addition to the festival scene but the ways in which festival organizers are using them has grown immensely. Below we share some examples of how shipping containers or different types and sizes have been adapted with creativity and flair. 

Form part of the site structure 

Due to their portability, versatility and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, shipping containers can be used both as part of the stage infrastructure or even the stage itself. With their strong structure, containers framing the stage are well suited for the engineering of audio equipment, as well as stunning lighting and visual displays.

It is important to be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions at festivals and with shipping containers you can. Whether it's a small or large festival you can use containers to build all different types or shelters, including canopies and domes. Shipping containers can also be configured as barricades which are crucial for monitoring crowd flow, creating a perimeter around the venue and ensuring the safety of performers, staff and attendees.

Food stalls and bars

Shipping container bars have become all the rage in recent years and what better place to create one (or five) than at a festival. They are also ideal for coffee and food kiosks. No matter the brand or theme, the container interior and exterior can be modified and decorated to suit.

Pop-up Shop

Shipping containers can very easily be modified into a pop-up retail shop to sell event merchandise. Festivals are also an excellent platform for start-ups to sell their products and for local designers to showcase their works.

On-site Storage

It goes without saying that shipping containers are fantastic for on-site storage. They offer portable, spacious, durable and secure storage for tools, equipment, instruments, merchandise and much more. Refrigerated containers are also great for storing temperature-sensitive food and drinks.


Obviously, toilets are essential at any festival. Due to their size, shipping containers can be converted into ambulation blocks for festival goers.


If you're interested in hiring shipping containers for an upcoming festival or event, get in touch with the team at CBOX Containers today.