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The Complete Guide to Hiring a Shipping Container for Your Business

Shipping containers make it possible for businesses of all types to conveniently store and transport equipment, materials and more with minimal complications. However, there are important differences between purchasing and hiring a shipping container for business use.

Read on to learn more about shipping containers and why you should consider hiring one for your business.

How Hiring a Shipping Container Works

Hiring a shipping container for business use involves thoroughly assessing your company's needs and accounting for potential changes in plans and developments.

Shipping container rentals follow the same general process as all rentals, beginning with choosing what to rent and ending with the return of your rental once you no longer have a need for it. The steps below describe the entire process from start to finish:

Choosing an Appropriate Size

Shipping containers come in a range of sizes to fit all your storage needs.

Here at CBOX, we not only offer various sizes of shipping containers, but a wide variety of configurations as well. Whether you're looking for containers designed purely for secure storage or more specialized containers fit for use as on-premises offices , there's a shipping container to fit your needs.

If your storage needs are small, containers as compact as 6ft are available. Larger storage requirements can benefit from full-sized 40ft containers capable of securely handling heavy loads.

Picking a Leasing Plan

Hiring shipping containers can prove to be a highly flexible approach to storage and ad-hoc facility design. Adjustable leasing arrangements make modifying plans as you go feasible.

Fixed-term agreements and as-needed options simplify lease planning while allowing you to reduce unnecessary spend easily. Long-term leasing options are also available, as are finance leases that allow for ownership of the container at the end of the term.

Delivering Your Hired Container

Once you've decided on the perfect leasing plan for your needs, you can have your container delivered directly to your project site or campus for immediate use.

Delivering storage containers is relatively easy as they are designed to be highly portable. When your chosen container arrives, it can be positioned where you need it to further enhance its utility.

Using and Securing Your Container

Keeping shipping containers secure is especially easy thanks to their intentionally secure designs. Locking mechanisms allow you to protect stored equipment, machinery and materials at any job site without much trouble.

Moving Your Hired Container

Should you need to transport your hired shipping container after it has been filled, it can be moved as easily as it was moved on delivery. This makes it possible to switch locations and substantially mitigates costs associated with loading and securing materials for transport.

Removing Your Container

Once you're done using your hired container and your lease term has come to an end, the container can be picked up or delivered to a pickup location. Shipping container removal is as convenient as delivery in most cases and should not take much time.

Why Hire a Shipping Container Instead of Buying?

Buying a shipping container might not be the best option for your business if you need flexible, cost-effective storage, but are unsure how long you'll need it. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring vs. buying to help you weigh the two options:


If you need storage options right now but aren't sure if it makes sense to invest in a container for long-term use, hiring allows you to use a storage container for as long as you need it without committing to it.

Leasing terms can also be very forgiving of unplanned budget readjustments and unforeseen scheduling changes, so you don't suddenly find yourself with a container you can no longer afford or no longer need.

In addition, you can easily exchange hired containers for more appropriately sized options as your requirements shift. This is obviously more difficult if you've purchased a container.

Hiring shipping containers for immediate use does not prevent you from owning them outright.Certain arrangements can even give you an opportunity to take ownership of the container at the end of your lease term.


As mentioned above, certain leasing options can serve as longterm paths to ownership, allowing your business to strategically invest in future storage potential while mitigating the risks associated with purchasing shipping containers upfront.

Maintenance is another important factor to consider when it comes to the cost of acquiring and utilizing shipping containers. When you buy a shipping container upfront, you also take on the burden of handling regular maintenance to keep it functional and secure.

This includes the following key procedures:

  • Fixing dents in the container's walls and roof
  • Repairing ventilation features and the floor of the container
  • Keeping doors and locking mechanisms in working order
  • Fixing rusted structural elements


Depending on your budget and needs, handling the above on a regular basis for one or more containers may be too much of a hassle to take on. By hiring a container, you can offload these concerns to your provider's experienced personnel and focus on your company's core concerns instead.

Reach out to our team here at CBOX to learn more about the leasing options we offer, with a wide range of options available and bargain prices, we ensure our customers get the best deals on shipping containers. Phone our friendly team on contact on 1800 433 455 to discuss your container needs, we’re always happy to help with knowledgeable advice.

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