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The Advantages of Using Storage Containers to Store Belongings During Your Home Remodel

Thanks to the government's recent HomeBuilder grant, interest in fixer-uppers has skyrocketed. The initiative takes direct aim at deteriorating homes by incentivizing buyers and homeowners to commit to remodeling. Grants of $ 25,000 have been promised to owner-occupiers spending anywhere from $ 150,000 to $ 750,000 on home improvements.

Given such a generous incentive environment, there's no better time to remodel your home. But before you get started, you'll need to prepare your house and find a way to store your personal belongings to ensure they don't get lost or damaged throughout the construction process.

Shipping containers are a great storage solutions to consider during a home remodel - with shipping containers, you can keep any items that are at risk during remodel safe from harm without losing access to them or spending a fortune.

Read on to learn about shipping container storage options and how they stack up with available alternatives.

Self-Storage vs. Shipping Containers

Many people resort to using self-storage options to safely hold their belongings while a remodel is underway. This certainly beats seemingly simpler options such as storing your things in your garage or in a backyard shed - such deceptively convenient spots around the house can damage your belongings if moisture and ventilation are not taken into account.

Self-storage units help mitigate these risks, but shipping containers could be your best bet where affordability, convenience and security are concerned.


Self-storage can be an appealing option when you need to cut down on clutter in a hurry, but not-so-hidden costs can clear out your pocketbook just as fast. Self-storage services usually incur a daily fee charged monthly. This fee alone may be comparable to that of hiring a shipping container for the same period of time, but it is not the only cost worth considering.

Unless the self-storage location you choose is located close by, you will need to factor logistics and shipping costs into your temporary storage plan - even if you plan to move everything yourself. Gas costs, preparing your items for transporting and more can make this step in the process a headache to handle.

In contrast, hiring a shipping container allows you to move your displaced items on your own without getting additional vehicles involved. A container placed in your driveway or backyard keeps all of your items secure, while remaining close at hand.  

Availability and Convenience

With self-storage alternatives, your belongings will be stored off-premises. This could end up being a dealbreaker during a renovation if the items you need to temporarily relocate are things you also need access to on a regular basis. A shipping container can be kept on your property for easy access at any time of day or night.

Storage Conditions

Although self-storage facilities typically offer climate control and relative cleanliness, a high-quality storage container can potentially take this a step further.

Even standard shipping containers can provide a watertight space in which to store fragile items. Adjusting ventilation in a rented shipping container is also possible in order to maintain optimal conditions for your important belongings.


Both self-storage facilities and shipping containers come in different sizes. However, eight or ten foot rented shipping containers can be placed in a wide variety of locations on your property without taking up much space. Depending on the design of the self-storage facility, it may be difficult to move larger items in or out.

How Containers Can Be Used During Remodels

Your home remodel can take a while to complete, depending on the scope of the project and the team you have working on it. Shipping containers can really come in handy in such scenarios for some of the reasons mentioned above. However, it helps to have an idea of how the rental process works before you commit to ordering a shipping container.


To have your container delivered to your location, you'll need to first pick an appropriate container size and lease term. A short, fixed-term or as-needed lease generally works best for remodeling purposes, in case your plans change unexpectedly.

Once you have decided on the best container and leasing options for your needs, you can have your container delivered and placed where you need it.


Shipping containers equipped with lockboxes guarantee staunch security from theft regardless of their location. The container's solid steel construction prevents unwanted access and keeps everything you store inside safe from harm.


When you no longer need your rented shipping container, you can arrange to have it picked up and returned as soon as you'd like, freeing up the space it was placed in for regular use.

Storing your household items in a shipping container to make space for remodeling is easy to do and can potentially save you money (not to mention time and energy!).

To learn more about the options we have available at CBOX Containers, get in touch or give us a call at 1800 433 455.

Image Source: Pexels