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Interesting uses for shipping containers

You may have seen shipping containers starting to pop up in places other than, well, on top of a ship. This is because people across the world are finding interesting ways to utilise the humble shipping container in ways never before imagined. Housing, offices, bars and even greenhouses – the possibilities of using the shipping container for something unique are endless.

Read on to find out some fascinating ways you can modify a shipping container for both business and pleasure.

The Home

Sustainable and utterly stunning, designers are producing some seriously impressive shipping container homes around the globe. There is something about the symmetrical design of the shipping container that makes it perfect for a modern home, and when they are combined with extra containers to make larger homes they are nothing short of an architectural delight.

Not only this, depending on the land purchased for building the home, they can be a lot cheaper to build than your standard residential property. Using recycled shipping containers for building homes is a truly modern way of building: one that looks amazing whilst not having a significant impact on the environment.

The Office

Perfect for construction sites and even business headquarters, the shipping container makes for a highly functional and versatile office space. The spaciousness and open plan of the shipping container make them easy to navigate and furnish, as well as for the creation of a clean working environment.

Businesses across the globe are turning to the shipping container for an office space due to their affordability, functionality and, of course, their reduced impact on the environment. This is especially so when fixed with environmentally-friendly amenities (which your business will also save money on!).

The Bar

Some of the most stylishly designed cafes and bars of recent times have been created using shipping containers. Who doesn’t want to sip on sangria inside a shipping container? Light filled, spacious and rate affordable, the shipping container has taken off as an amazing space to eat, drink and enjoy some stylish modern architecture.


Getting Ideas?

If you like the idea of turning a shipping container into a fully-liveable home, fully-functional office or incredibly enjoyable bar, then give CBOX Containers a call. We provide individuals and businesses throughout Australia with high quality shipping containers that are perfect for conversions.

Give us a call on 1800 433 455 or submit an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.